[Should I Buy?] Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner X500 Review

There is a lot of options for when it comes to robot vacuums these days. You might be familiar with Roomba or even Neato but what about Tesvor? (Amazon Link Ad)

Tesvor has a great little robot vacuum that works well and can fit many people’s needs. Some might say it’s even better than past Roomba’s they had.

Let’s talk more about the Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner X500 and see what makes it so great.

Multi-Room Cleaning

This is a huge deal when it comes to robot vacuums. If a robot vacuum can’t handle going room to room, then it’s not worth it if you ask me.

Luckily, the X500 can handle multiple rooms just fine.

Even better it can navigate back home to the charger too.

One Key Planning – What Is It?

One key planning is the way the X500 Cleans. It’s less of a random way of cleaning and more of a pathway of cleaning.

It memorizes the cleaning route so that it can detect and clean areas it has not.

Price and Reviews

Check out the price and Reviews here (Amazon Link Ad).

For the price, you’re getting a really good robot vacuum. If you want your first robot vacuum and don’t want to spend a lot, then this is a great option and a good value for you.

Thick Carpets

If your carpet is 0.6 inches or less, then you won’t have any issue.

You might find super thick area rugs might give it an issue, but this is common for a lot of robot vacuums. I have this problem with the many Roomba’s I use.

I’ve learned to deal with this by using the rugs as walls to stop it from going to a particular room. You’ll learn how best to clean your home with a robot vacuum; it’s not too different then what you do now.

X500 vs V300

The x500 is going to be larger and has greater coverage and auto recharging. It still roams to find the charger but is better at finding it now.

Another change is the improved rolling brushes and suction. You can also replace the batteries now on the x500.

How Much Can It Clean?

The x500 can clean up to 1,600 square feet on one charge.

Does It Get Stuck Easily?

This is an open-ended question, It depends on your home.

It’s smart enough to get out of trouble if it can, but if you have odd shape furniture, any vacuum can get stuck.

It is smart enough to remember certain areas that give it trouble so to avoid them next time.

I do recommend everyone to get cords up off the floor and use Self-Adhesive Wire Clips like this (Amazon Link Ad) to keep them off the ground. Cords are one of the things that most robot vacuums struggle with.

Can It Pick Up Where It Left Off?

The Tesvor X500 does not have the tech on it to have it restart where it left off after done charging.

Future models might get the laser and tech to make this happen, but for now, it doesn’t have it.

Not a huge deal for most to be honest. There are perks to a robot that is more random or cleans in S-Shape then one that cleans the same way every time. When you clean the same way everytime you often miss spots. But clean randomly or in an S-Shape, and you get to areas that you might miss or go against the typical grain of vacuuming the fibers.

Block Rooms?

Yes, you can use “virtual walls” to block the robot from going into rooms or near the dog’s food bowl.

The great thing about the virtual walls is it uses their magnetic strips. I like this more than what Roomba uses as Roomba’s require batteries. Plus, magnets are always cool.


No wifi on this model. This is the one downside I have about it.

But you can control it with a remote control, so it’s not too bad. You will need to supply your own batteries for the remote; they’re 2 AAA.

I’ve gotten to the point where I always activate my robot vacuums by pressing the button on them. I find this easier than pulling out my phone or using a remote control. I’m even as lazy as pressing the button with my foot as I leave, it’s simpler this way.


Yes, it can handle stairs fine. It has the sensors to let it know its about to fall off.

Night Cleaning?

Yes, you can use it at night to clean.

But avoid super dark areas or floors. It still needs some light for some of the sensors to understand what it’s doing.

To be honest, don’t clean at night. I like to let mine run when I’m out of the home, so I don’t mess it up and has enough light through the blinds to work.

Anything You Need to Know?

Yes, the first few times you run it you’ll be amazed by how much it picks up.

These robot vacuums can get into places that you miss when cleaning with your regular vacuum.

If you have pets that shed I would recommend you run it daily if not every other day. This will help keep the pet hair from getting everywhere.