Can You Put A Robot Vacuum In The Dishwasher?

Robot vacuums have become incredibly popular in recent years and a lot of cleaning questions have popped up too!

One question, what happens if your robot vacuum gets dirty? Can you clean it in the dishwasher?

In this post, we will answer that question and similar ones to see if there is a shortcut to cleaning your robot vacuums!

Don’t Put Roomba In The Dishwasher

You cannot put your Roomba, or any robot vacuum, in the dishwasher.

Not only will it void your warranty, but it will also destroy your robot vacuum and the parts you put in the dishwasher.

Dishwashers run hot, and the plastic used on robot vacuums are not meant to handle that high heat. Not only that, but the cleaners used are very abrasive to your robot vacuum and will scratch it all up.

You also run the risk of damaging your dishwasher, as it’s meant to clean water-soluble items, like leftover food, and not rocks and dirt that is found on your floor.

The robot vacuum itself is not water proof and can’t handle getting wet, so it will be damaged by the water from the dishwasher if the heat doesn’t get to it first.

Avoid Washing Machine, Too!

Just like the dishwasher you can’t put your robot vacuum in the dishwasher.

In general, you don’t want to get your robot vacuum wet at all, they can’t even handle wet floors.  

Don’t Put Dustbin In Dishwasher Either

The dustbin is the part of your robot vacuum that holds all the dirt and debris it picks up while cleaning.

You cannot put the dustbin of your robot vacuum in the dishwasher, as it the heat and dishwasher soap will damage it.

Roomba Filters Are A No-Go

Just like everything else so far, you can not put the robot vacuum filters in the dishwasher.

If the filters are reusable, here is how you clean them.

Putting the filters in the dishwasher will get destroyed and melted by the heat the dishwasher gives off. Warped filters are not useful, so they must avoid extreme heat.

Roller Brushes… Maybe

The roller brushes of your robot vacuum might be able to survive the dishwasher, but it’s best you don’t.

The heat can warp them, but it’s the trapped hair and other debris that will fall off and damage your dishwasher instead. Dishwashers are not meant to handle hair, and that is a quick way to destroy a dishwasher.

How To Clean A Robot Vacuum?

There are a few ways you can clean your robot vacuum, but the best way is to use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Here is a video showing you how to clean a robot vacuum:

You want to avoid using any water or cleaners on your robot vacuum as it can damage the sensors and components.

If there is something stuck on your roller brushes, you can use a pair of scissors to cut it off. Be cautious not to damage the bristles in the process.

Cleaning your robot vacuum is important, as a dirty one will not clean your floors as well and will eventually stop working entirely. By taking good care of your robot vacuum, you can prolong its life and keep your floors clean!

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