(Questions Answered) Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Review

I’ve always been a fan of Bissell and their vacuums. They tend to hit the just right mark of power and price. Plus, they do keep up with styles and honestly have one of the best looking vacuum cleaners on the market.

In this little review of the Bissell 1831 Cleanview Vacuum, I want to focus more on the common questions someone might have about buying this vacuum. It can be confusing, and I want to gather all the little questions you might run into below.

Above all else I still recommend you check out the reviews on it here* to get a better idea of what everyone is saying about it too.

Vacuuming Stairs

Vacuuming stairs are always something that most people don’t enjoy. The Bissell 1831 does just fine for stairs, you might have to hold it a bit, but it does fine.

The best part is it is light enough to make vacuuming the stairs less of a hassle.

Pet Hair

It’s a never-ending battle with pet hair. I go into great details in many of my other post about pet hair and how having a shop vacuum, or even a carpet rake can make the chore less of a hassle.

But if you need a good regular vacuum to help with the pet hair then this vacuum will work. It’s nice that it’s bagless too so you can clean it better and don’t get that nasty dog smell after awhile.

I still recommend cleaning the bristles often as any hair can get trapped in them. Don’t worry its super simple to cut hair free from the rotating brushes.

Hardwood Floors & Vinyl

This vacuum does not have an on-off button to turn off the rotating beater brush. The Bissell 1831 Cleanview Vacuum does have height adjustments on it so you can raise and lower it.

But if the hardwood floors are sensitive I would not use this vacuum. You might want to consider a canister style vacuum without a beater brush; we have a guide on that here.

Will work fine for Vinyl floors too. Make sure to have it on the correct height setting before vacuuming.

Belt Driven?

Yes, the beater brushes are belt driven, and it’s already installed so no need to get one now. But it won’t hurt to have a spare one if the current one wears out in the future.

Replacement belts can be found here*.

Cat Litter

The Bissell 1831 vacuum will handle cat litter just fine.

But… I would recommend getting a mat to put under the litter box to help collect the litter. If cat litter is a huge issue for you, then check out our guide on vacuuming and cat litter here.

Shag Carpet

You won’t have any issues with this vacuum and shag carpet. You have adjustable heights so make sure to raise it to the correct height for your carpet.


This vacuum weighs about 16 pounds.


The filter can be cleaned, but it’s best to clean it by hand. Don’t do anything crazy like put it in the dishwasher as that can damage it.

It does come with the filter already in it. I get this question a good bit along with the belt. The vacuum will come ready to use.

I recommend replacing any vacuum cleaners filter every year. If it’s washable, you should at least clean it every use or every other use. You don’t want the dust and dirt you’re sucking up to get back in the air so make sure to keep the filter in tip-top shape.

Retractable Cord

This vacuum does not have a retractable cord. It does wind around the back like many other vacuums in this price range.

The cord is about 25 feet long.

1330 vs. 1831

The Bissell 1831 Cleanview Upright Vacuum* is the latest version and has a better more efficient motor and a new design for the turbo brush.


This vacuum will handle cleaning rugs just fine. Even going from hardwood to rugs or carpet to rugs. It’s no problem for it.

9595 vs. 1831

The 1831 is the latest version and has a better motor, and the turbo brush has been relocated. The color is also different and looks better if you ask me.

Long Human Hair

This vacuum will do just fine with long human hair or any hair. You should still clean the beater brush often no matter what.

What you’ll find is that most vacuums will have a slot on the spinning brush that allows you to cut the hair free from it. You might not realize how dirty and tangled this thing gets so please be sure with any vacuum to clean the beater brush at least once a month.

How Loud

You’ll find this vacuum about normal for noise level. If the noise level is a huge concern, then check out a post we did on quiet vacuums and why they’re so hard to find here.


Bissell 1831 has a newer motor in it compared to the older generations of the Cleanview. This motor is 12 amps at 110 volts if you’re wondering.

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