Do Vacuum Storage Bags Reduce Weight or Make it Heavier?

Every pound counts when you travel nowadays. Trying to save weight can be tricky, but the thing everyone try’s out is Vacuum Storage Bags. When you pack with these storage bags, you can see the bag getting smaller and smaller as you suck out the air. Since the bags are shrinking you may wonder –

Best Hair Vacuum for Salons – Stationary Vacuums

If you have a salon and don’t have a Hair Vacuum or better yet a Stationary Vacuum then you need to really consider one. These salon vacs can make your life a little bit easier when it comes to sweeping up hair and other debris on your floor. The problem you’ll run into when looking

Best Way To Vacuum A Car Is With A Shop Vacuum! & One Clever Trick!

I’m just blown away by all the bad advice that fills the internet these days. I Googled “best vacuum cleaner for cars” and all I see is horrible advice to use those cheap 12-volt vacuum cleaners. Those 12-volt vacuum cleaners are not going to cut it, and by no means the “best” vacuum cleaner for any

How To Suck Up Water With A Shop Vacuum

You can use a Shop Vacuum or a Wet/Dry Vacuum to suck up liquids. Those liquids can be water, soda, wine, urine, feces, or just about anything that is a liquid and not flammable. Most shop vacuums will need to be adjusted for use with water. The reason for this is that sucking up dry

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair & Dander – How The EXPERTS Do It

You’ve been doing it wrong! Yes, the way you have been going after vacuum cleaners to find the ONE that works best for pet hair and dander has brought you down the wrong path of actually getting it out of your carpet effectively. Do you know how the experts do it? They use a Carpet Rake.

How To Clean Carpet Edges – Filtration Soiling

If the edges of your carpet are turning gray or black near the baseboard, then it’s due to Filtration Soiling. This is common in homes with central air and heat. The reason for this line of gunk is because the carpet is acting like a giant air filter and the dust is getting trapped. There are no

How Often You Should Change Your Vacuum’s Filter

It seems everyone has different opinions on when someone should change their vacuum cleaner’s filter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a standard filter or HEPA filter, everyone gives different advice. I recommend changing the filter every year if you vacuum once a week. If you have bad allergies, I recommend replacing them every 6 months

How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner – You’ve Been Doing It Wrong!

Using a vacuum cleaner may seem simple enough, many vacuums even have the same ways to use them. But did you know you’ve been vacuuming all wrong? Let me guess; you grab the vacuum cleaner and start to vacuum right away? Well, that is incorrect. The first thing you should do before vacuuming especially if

How To Improve or Fix Vacuum Cleaner Suction

Over time your vacuum cleaner may lose suction making it almost impossible to pick things up. If this has happened then it’s time to give it a little love and service it. You have two options for improving the suction of your vacuum cleaner, you can either take it to the repair shop and let

How To Vacuum In Tight Spaces

Sometimes you need to get in really tight spots with your vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s between your cars seats, a sewing machine, or any tight space using the correct attachments on your vacuum can help out a lot. I see all over the internet people coming up with “hacks” to allow you to get into

Cleaning Carpet With Vinegar – Don’t Do It!

Everywhere I look on the internet all I see is people talking about using white distilled vinegar for everything. This is getting quite annoying. I hate to break this to you, but Vinegar is not some miracle cleaner. If anything it kind of sucks. Also don’t get me started on the baking soda; I go into

How To Fluff Carpet – Make It Look Good!

Having matted or flatten carpet is not an attractive thing especially when you’re trying to sell the home. Did you know that matted carpet is more likely to be trapping hair and dirt than carpet that is fluffed up? A Fluffed up carpet allows the vacuum to get into the fibers and suck up more items than

How To Get Human Urine Out Of Carpet

Well, you know these things do happen. Sometimes urine ends up on the carpet, sometimes it’s human urine. The good news is that it’s not really that big of a deal as long as you have the correct tools. If you don’t want to keep smelling urine in your carpets or just want to know

Best Vacuum For Boat – Boats Get Real NASTY!

A little interesting fact about me is that I use to clean boats – for a living. I wasn’t a detail shop but worked at a boat dealership where I was stuck cleaning many boats. Over the years I have found that there is nothing that cleans a boat better than using a Shop Vacuum!

How Late or Early Can You Vacuum?

I had someone propose an interesting question to me the other day. They wonder when it is too late to vacuum their apartment? This also brought up the question of how early can you start vacuuming? Unfortunately, there is not a rule set in stone for everyone and also it all can depend on your

Best Vacuum For Sand

No matter how hard you try to keep sand out of the home, it always finds its way in. You probably know the pain of getting the sand out of carpets and hard floors like tile. You probably have gone through a couple of vacuum cleaners in the past that end up dying because they

Best Shop Vacuum for Carpet Cleaning

I’m not going to lie; I love using a Shop Vacuum for cleaning my home. A shop vacuum is one of those things that work so well to clean so many things that its hard to go back to a regular vacuum. A shop vacuum or wet/dry vacuum can suck up just about anything and will

What is the Best Steam Cleaner for Auto Detailing?

When it comes to steam cleaning your car, you don’t want to use the little steam cleaner that you use for your kitchen. Instead, you need something that can clean for a long time and also has plenty of accessories made for cleaning a lot of different items. We want to show you what we

Can I Vacuum My Computer? – Don’t KILL Your Computer!

Is it safe to pull out the household vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your computer? No, it’s not! I would avoid using the typical household vacuum cleaner to get the dust out of the computer and other electronics. These vacuum cleaners can create static that can quickly destroy the electrical components of a

Can You Vacuum a New Carpet? Will it DAMAGE It?

The question of “can you vacuum new carpet?” is an old wives’ tale that people use to ask back when it would have been smart not to vacuum your new carpet, but today it’s quite the opposite. When you first get your new carpet, it is recommended to vacuum it right away! Don’t wait –