Vacuum Every Day – Remove The Chore

I’ve come to find out that a lot of people hate vacuuming and hate the idea of vacuuming every day even more. While most people say they should vacuum more often, they don’t. Sure it would be great to vacuum every day, but it’s not going to happen. It’s a chore and one that sucks! … Read more

When is a Robot Vacuum Worth It – Why you need one

You may look at the prices of those fancy little robot vacuum cleaners and wonder if it’s worth it? You may also have an excellent vacuum cleaner right now that does a fine job. Will the robot vacuum be able to pick up the pet hair, dust, and all the little things that your current … Read more

Let’s Talk About Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

If you need a vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry around, even when going up and down stairs, with great power then you might want to check out cordless backpack vacuum cleaners. Many people don’t even know that backpack vacuums exist, yet alone a battery powered one. You mostly see backpack vacuums being used … Read more

Options for Vacuuming Hay – Best Vacuum For Hay

Do you feel like every vacuum cleaner you use hay gets stuck in it all the time? Nothing worse than stopping to get your vacuum unclogged from the hay/grass that has gotten stuck in it. I’ve done a lot of research on vacuums over the years to find the ones that work the best. One … Read more