I Hate LOUD Noises Like Vacuum Cleaners

I’m the type of person that hates loud noises. Even when I watch TV, I find myself turning down the volume during the time I know something loud is going to happen. I feel like I’m a great person to live next to in an apartment because of this.

The chore of vacuuming is not that bad, but the sound it makes while I do it is. I’ve done a post on why it’s hard to find a quiet vacuum cleaner here, the biggest reason I found was that people just want loud vacuums. The louder it is, the better people think it’s working.

I just hate that.

Sometimes in life, you need to be a problem solver. I can’t make the vacuum quieter without limiting its performance, but I can make it less loud to me. I want to give you some tips I found over the years to make vacuuming the home less annoying.


It’s so simple. Using Earplugs is an excellent way to make the vacuum less noisy to you. You can buy many types of earplugs, but I like to get ones that are around 33NRR, like these earplugs here*. A vacuum cleaner can range from 60db to 90db, which is quite loud. That is as loud as some lawnmowers, and you see people wear ear protection with those all the time. 

Vacuuming with earbuds on sounds odd, but you’re approaching a dangerous level of sound if you’re vacuuming for a while.

One thing I’ve noticed when I have the earbuds in is that it puts me in the zone and makes vacuuming flyby. So if you’re not a fan of vacuuming, to begin with, then you might want to try earbuds out.


There are many headphones out there and some that can even block the outside noises. I don’t recommend getting the noise-canceling headphones, but I do recommend headphones that cover the ears or ones you insert. The standard cheap ones that hang on your ear will not work that well.

Turn on your favorite music station when you vacuum, and you’re ready to go. The best thing to do is use Bluetooth headphones, so you don’t have to worry about being tangled up.

Sometimes you just need to focus on what you’re doing now. For the times I need to focus I listen to ocean waves or the rain forest sounds that you can find on YouTube. This is also a good time to listen to any Podcast you might have.

Doing it this way you hear less of the vacuum and more of your favorite music.


Many people swear by using BrainWave Music or Brain.fm to help them focus and to block out the outside world.

I’m not a fan of this as it makes me feel tired and a little buzzed, not the best state to be in when vacuuming. I figured it might be worth a mention here as some people could benefit from it. I don’t recommend anyone under 25 to do it as their brains are not fully developed and not enough testing has been done to prove it works.

Carpet Rake

The biggest reason why I vacuum is to just get up the pet hair from the carpets. No need to bring out the loud vacuum cleaner if you can just use a carpet rake to comb the carpet for hair.

Ever heard of a carpet rake? Check out carpet rakes here*.

I run the carpet rake through the carpet to free the hair, and I put it in one pile and pick it up to place in the trash. I feel like this helps me cut down on my use of those loud vacuums. You still need to vacuum every so often, but this helps with the main thing I want to get out of the carpets. It’s best not to use this on looped carpets though.

Carpet Sweeper

You can get manual carpet sweepers that sweep the carpet free of loose items. It’s not going to be as effective as the vacuum cleaner but a lot quieter than one.

You can also get electric carpet sweepers that work well too. I even go into more detail about carpets sweepers and how they compare to typical vacuums here.

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