How To Improve or Fix Vacuum Cleaner Suction

Over time your vacuum cleaner may lose suction making it almost impossible to pick things up. If this has happened then it’s time to give it a little love and service it. You have two options for improving the suction of your vacuum cleaner, you can either take it to the repair shop and let … Read more

How To Vacuum In Tight Spaces

Sometimes you need to get in really tight spots with your vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s between your cars seats, a sewing machine, or any tight space using the correct attachments on your vacuum can help out a lot. I see all over the internet people coming up with “hacks” to allow you to get into … Read more

How Late or Early Can You Vacuum?

I had someone propose an interesting question to me the other day. They wonder when it is too late to vacuum their apartment? This also brought up the question of how early can you start vacuuming? Unfortunately, there is not a rule set in stone for everyone and also it all can depend on your … Read more

Best Vacuum For Sand

No matter how hard you try to keep sand out of the home, it always finds its way in. You probably know the pain of getting the sand out of carpets and hard floors like tile. You probably have gone through a couple of vacuum cleaners in the past that end up dying because they … Read more