Pet Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum – Is It Worth It????

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in Pet Hair? The hair can get everywhere and sticks deep into the carpets. Your old vacuum cleaner may have lost the battle of the pet hair and you feel it’s time to replace it. You decide to buy a new vacuum cleaner and notice that all these … Read more

Carpet Sweeper vs Vacuum Cleaner – Which To Buy?????

Both a Carpet Sweeper and a Vacuum Cleaner both serve their purposes. If you’re considering one to replace the other, then you might want to take a step back. I’ve seen people want to buy a carpet sweeper to replace or to get instead of a vacuum cleaner. While a carpet sweeper will pick up … Read more

What’s the Best Vacuum for a Restaurant?

The first thing people look at (or at least I do) when they walk into a restaurant is the floors. If the floors are nasty, then the kitchen must be nasty too, and that’s enough reason for anyone to leave. Pfft… you might be thinking, but it’s true. To keep the floors looking great, you need … Read more