Can I Vacuum My Computer? – Don’t KILL Your Computer!

Is it safe to pull out the household vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your computer? No, it’s not! I would avoid using the typical household vacuum cleaner to get the dust out of the computer and other electronics. These vacuum cleaners can create static that can quickly destroy the electrical components of a

Can You Vacuum Cat Litter? – The PURR-fect Solution

Can You Vacuum Cat Litter? It’s best you don’t vacuum cat litter using your regular vacuum cleaner. Here’s a list of why you don’t want to vacuum up cat litter with a regular vacuum. Cat litter can do some serious damage to a regular vacuum cleaner. You see, most people will use their regular vacuum

Reason Why Vacuum Cleaner Keeps Shutting Off

If your Vacuum Cleaner keeps shutting off when you’re vacuuming, then it’s most likely 2 things. Either your motor is overheating, or you have an electrical issue. The biggest and most common reason why a vacuum cleaner keeps shutting off is due to overheating – which can be easy to solve. The electrical issue can

Can You Vacuum Pine Needles?

Vacuuming pine needles may seem like a quick and convenient way to clean up after the holiday season, but it can have detrimental effects on a regular vacuum cleaner. In this post, I want to go over why you should avoid vacuuming pine needles and what to use instead. Can You Vacuum Pine Needles? When

Silent Vacuum Cleaner – Why They’re Hard To Find

If you’re like me, you hate loud sounds, especially loud sounds that Vacuum Cleaners make. But did you know that silent vacuum cleaners do exist? Do you want to know the reason why silent vacuum cleaners are so hard to find? It’s because no one wanted them. We’ll… no one in the USA wanted them. Silent

Vacuum Cleaner Making Loud Noises – What to Do?

A vacuum cleaner making louder than normal noises or squealing can be frustrating, but there exist many solutions! I want to go over all the problems that will cause a vacuum cleaner to be louder than normal and show you what you can do about it. I’ve listed all the common reasons below, and I’ll

Does Vacuuming Ants Kill Them?

Ants can pose a frustrating issue for numerous homeowners, prompting many to resort to using a vacuum cleaner as a solution. While a vacuum cleaner may provide a convenient and swift means to eliminate ants, it raises questions about the effectiveness of killing them and the potential for their escape. This post aims to shed

Vacuum Cleaner Lifespan – How Often to Replace

How often should you replace your Vacuum Cleaner depends on what you have. If you have a Vacuum Cleaner you bought from the “Super Store,” then you should replace it every 3 to 5 years. I’ve only seen a few Super Store vacuum cleaners live up to or past 5 years and they were mostly

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet – Don’t Do it!

If you had your carpets cleaned or your carpets got wet, you’re probably wondering if it’s fine to vacuum your wet carpet? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT vacuum your wet carpets! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people ruin a great vacuum cleaner because they thought it was fine to vacuum

Do Spiders Die When You Vacuum Them?

Were you aware that the majority of spiders tend to survive being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner? Whether it’s a Dyson, Hoover, or even a bagless model, there’s a high likelihood that the spider will survive the encounter. So, what do you do? Well, you should still suck them up. Even though it doesn’t