Can You Vacuum Bugs and Can They Escape?

Can bugs like cockroaches, scorpions, flies, or spiders crawl back out of the vacuum cleaner? Can you even vacuum them? Bugs suck, but vacuum cleaners suck more! Let’s talk about it. Can Bugs Crawl Out Of A Vacuum? Yes, bugs like spiders, roaches, flies, fleas, scorpions, and many others often don’t die when you suck … Read more

Options for Vacuuming Hay – Best Vacuum For Hay

Do you feel like every vacuum cleaner you use hay gets stuck in it all the time? Nothing worse than stopping to get your vacuum unclogged from the hay/grass that has gotten stuck in it. I’ve done a lot of research on vacuums over the years to find the ones that work the best. One … Read more

How To Suck Up Water With A Shop Vacuum

You can use a Shop Vacuum or a Wet/Dry Vacuum to suck up liquids. Those liquids can be water, soda, wine, urine, feces, or just about anything that is a liquid and not flammable. Most shop vacuums will need to be adjusted for use with water. The reason for this is that sucking up dry … Read more