BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Purple 4122 Review

There is something that I love about a simple canister vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to worry about the beater brush getting clogged on most canister style vacuum cleaners, which is awesome!

Bissell has a nice bagged canister vacuum here they call the Zing, clever name too! We want to point out some of the cool and great features of this vacuum cleaner. We hope to answer some of the questions you might have about it before you buy it.

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Carpet & Bare Floors

This is a canister style vacuum that lacks a beater brush that many upright vacuum cleaners have. Because of this, the Zing Bagged Vacuum is perfect for hardwood and bare floors. It does fine on carpet but does even better on area rugs and low pile carpets.

If your home is mostly hardwood, tile, or bare style floors then this will be the best vacuum to use.


This vacuum cleaner is a bagged style vacuum cleaner. Bags last quite a long time if you ask me, but this is common with most bagged vacuum cleaners.

The bag size is about 2L.

If you need to get bags for this vacuum cleaner, then you can get them here (Amazon Link Ad).

Pet Hair

I like using canister vacuums for pet hair because they don’t have that beater brush that gets hair trapped in it. This vacuum does really well for pet hair, and really amazing for cat hair.

I do recommend looking at getting a carpet rake to loosen up the hair from the carpet fibers. Then you just suck up the loose pet hair with this vacuum.

Noise Level

I don’t think this vacuum cleaner is all that loud compared to other vacuums I have seen. It’s still a vacuum cleaner so it will have some loudness but you can still hear what is going on around without too much issue.


This vacuum cleaner does not have a HEPA filter on it but does have a multi-level filtration system on it. Plus, it’s a bagged vacuum so you don’t have to deal with those dust particles that get released with a normal bagless vacuum when you empty its canister.

Shag Carpet

This vacuum has more than enough power for shag carpets or even shag rugs. No beater brush to worry about damaging the shag either.

Moving Around

The Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum does have wheels on it to make moving around very easy. The trick with canister vacuums is to move the main vacuum unit to the area where you want to vacuum and just vacuum around it. Once done with that area you then move on to the next area and repeat.

The wheels should be fine on most surfaces, this vacuum works amazing on bare floors.

Cleaning Under Furniture

I love this vacuum for cleaning under furniture. It’s got a low profile and is super easy to get under most things. I have a post about how often you should vacuum under your beds here if you want to read up on that.

Canister vacuums like this one work great for vacuuming under things like sofas and beds, this one even allows you to go almost flat with the nozzle floor attachment.

Suction And The Bag

You will not lose suction as the bag gets full. You will lose suction when the bag is completely full. But leading up to that point you don’t lose suction.


You can remove the floor attachment and use a crevice tool to get all the corners in your home just fine with this vacuum cleaner. Also, works well to get those spider webs up too!

Power Cord

The cord is about 17 feet long, which is normal for a canister style vacuum.