BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Review

It can be hard to find a vacuum cleaner that is listed at a great price but also delivers great suction. Bissell hit the nail on the head when it comes to this vacuum with its price and power.

There are many other great features of this vacuum cleaner, and we wanted to talk about it more with this review or overview if you want.

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What We Like About This Vacuum

  • For the price, it’s a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Since its so powerful it does a great job for pet hairs, even the long hair dogs.
  • The Canister is large and easy to empty.
  • Easy to clean the foam filter.
  • Really don’t see clogging as an issue with this vacuum cleaner.

What We Don’t Like About This Vacuum

  • The cord does not auto-rewind.
  • Not a Sealed HEPA System.
  • Wish the hose was longer.
  • Wish it had an off button for the brush.

Cleaning Hardwood and Carpet

The Bissell OnePass vacuum works very well for cleaning both types of floors. You have height adjustments for bare floors all the way up to shag carpets.

The beater brush does not turn off. This can be troubling when vacuuming bare floors as the beater brush could spread the dust and crumbs all over the place. I find it better for carpets then bare floors because of the ability to not turn off the beater brush.

Cat Litter

For when it comes to cat litter, I find it better to suck it up with the nozzle instead of vacuuming over it. It will suck up the bigger heavier pieces, but, the smaller ones will get thrown around. In my honest opinion, you should be using a shop vacuum for cat litter and cat food as it will hold up better to it.

Here is a post I did on the best ways to deal with cat litter here.


Nope, this vacuum cleaner does not have a Sealed HEPA System.

The great thing about this vacuum is that it comes with a washable foam tank filter which is easy to clean. Also, it does have multi-level filtration but is not a sealed HEPA system.

I would recommend replacing the filter every 6 months if you vacuum all the time or up to 1 year. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so I replace all my filters every 6 months.


For this price point, this vacuum cleaner has some serious suction. I often wonder if it should have this much power.

This much suction is a great thing for when it comes to sucking up pet hair, especially dog hair. Dog’s have that heavier thicker fur, and strong suction is needed. Even the canister is plenty to hold the dirt it sucks up and easy to dump out.

Bissell really did an excellent job at the suction of this vacuum that I think they’re giving Dyson a run for their money. Just make sure to do proper maintenance on this vacuum to keep it running at top performance.

It does have strong suction, but it is not variable.


The great thing about the Bissell 9595A OnePass Corded vacuum cleaner is the fact that it does not use bags. I’m not a fan of bags and so are many people

Another neat feature with this canister is how straightforward and great it is to empty it. Just with one button, you release the bottom out, and the dirt falls out – Simple.

Also, the large dirty bin really helps with people with a home that has multiple pets.

You can clean the dirt tank with warm water and mild detergent, but make sure it’s completely dry before placing it back in the machine. I like to clean and leave it out to dry overnight before I put it back into the vacuum.

Family Budget Friendly

The more I look at this vacuum cleaner, the more I love how its a great bargain for the price they sell it for. It really is an excellent performance per cost machine. I would expect this amount of power from a vacuum cleaner twice the cost of this machine – its a great value for vacuuming carpets!

Noise Level

It’s not the loudest vacuum or even the quietest I have ever seen, but I would say it falls in the middle for loudness. You could hear your phone or doorbell ring over it, but you’re not going to sleep through it.

Easy to Push

I do find this vacuum cleaner to be easy to push. It does have some weight to it, but it’s not the heaviest vacuum either.

Power Cord

The power cord is 25 feet long. This is a huge factor for most people. I’ve been able to vacuum one bedroom apartments with this length of cord no problem.

The cord does not rewind, it instead wraps around the back of the vacuum cleaner.


You do have the ability to clean stairs with this vacuum cleaner. It’s not the longest hose, and I wish it were longer, but you can clean stairs if you wanted to.

The hose is long enough to clean drapes and curtains no problem.

Under the Bed Cleaning

Unless you have a super low – almost to the floor – bed frame you should have no trouble cleaning under a bed. I have a post where I talk about how often you should vacuum under your bed here.


It has 12 Peak Amps. More than enough to pull some pet hair out of a carpet if you ask me.

Long Hair

This Bissell does fine with long hairs. Every vacuum will do fine with most long hairs, but it’s how easy is it to clean the rollers that are important. This vacuum has some of the easier to clean rollers I’ve seen.


This vacuum cleaner is a workhorse. Clogging is not really an issue with this thing, Bissell has done an excellent job with this vacuum.

High Pile Carpet

With its suction, it works very well on high pile carpets. Just make sure you have it on the correct floor setting before you vacuum.