Best Vacuum Cleaner For Apartments

Having lived in many Apartments, I do feel like you don’t need to buy the fanciest vacuum cleaner on the market.

I often recommend using a shop vacuum for many homes, but living in an apartment, I feel the needs are quite different. Don’t get me wrong, I cleaned my Apartment just as much as I do my home. But a person in an Apartment does not need the huge setup of different vacuum cleaners – just one good one will do.

When I lived in an Apartment the best vacuum I found was theĀ Shark Rocket (Amazon Link Ad). I’ve even seen this thing pick up debris that a Dyson missed, this little guy is no joke. This is also the best vacuum cleaner for a small house too!

We want to talk more about this vacuum and why it works so well for apartments. We even talk about features that you might have never considered when buying a vacuum cleaner for your apartment.

How To Pick The Right Vacuum Cleaner

When looking for a vacuum cleaner here is a shortlist of items you need to focus on…

  • Power
  • Noise Level
  • Easy To Store
  • Long Power Cord

Those 4 things are really all you got to worry about.

It’s a no-brainer that you need a powerful vacuum cleaner, so its best to stay away from those tiny little stick vacuums.

The noise level is significant if you vacuum at odd times. You live with people around you, and they can hear your vacuum cleaner. This is the biggest reason why I don’t recommend using a shop vacuum for apartment cleaning as they’re loud but have a ton of power for cleaning.

Space is a premium in apartments and you don’t want the vacuum to be taking up the most space. That is why I love the design of the Shark Powerhead as most of the components are in the head unit and it is easy to store away.

As for the power cord, it comes as a personal preference. Before the Shark Powerhead, I bought one of those cheap department stores vacuum cleaners to clean my apartment. I thought it would be a vacuum that was good enough – but they’re never good enough. Those “cheap” vacuums you see slack on the important stuff and fall apart quickly. But the biggest gripe was the power cord was so short I had to unplug it multiple times in my one bedroom apartment. Life is better when you can vacuum a one bedroom apartment without having to unplug it often. The Shark Powerhead had a cord long enough for my one bedroom apartment which is a time saver as vacuuming can be a chore sometimes.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Apartment?

It doesn’t matter if you live in a house or an apartment, you should be vacuuming every week. If you have bad allergies, then you should do it twice a week.

If you hate vacuuming and live in an apartment, then an excellent option to consider is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner. A one or two-bedroom apartment is fine for many robot vacuums, and you can program some to vacuum at certain times. Plus, many apartments are one floor so the robot can cover the whole place if you wanted it to. It really is nice to have a robot vacuum for apartment living as they can be quieter than other bigger vacuum cleaners.

If you never consider robot vacuums as they’re too much or don’t know a lot about them then maybe take a look a theĀ ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Amazon Link Ad). It has good reviews and comes at a good value if you ask me.

What About Canister Vacuums?

I always tell people to avoid canister vacuums when it comes to apartments. For one thing, they take up more room and store away quite odd due to the hose and canister being separated.

Many people would say the canister vacuum is better if you want a lightweight vacuum cleaner, but then I show them the Shark Powerhead, and that solves this issue. The Powerhead is lighter than most vacuums and stores away a lot easier too.

The last point someone would try to make about the canister vacuum was that it could go in tight spaces like under the bed or sofa. While this is correct, but so can the Shark Rocket Powerhead or even the Shark Rocket TruePet.

Battery vs. Corded

I know I keep talking about the Shark Powerhead vacuum cleaner, but any similar style vacuum cleaner will work fine for most apartments. Dyson even sells a Dyson V6 that will work just fine and is battery powered too.

The great thing about having a battery-powered vacuum like the Dyson V6 Motorhead is that you don’t need to worry about a cord. Another great feature that I find with this particular vacuum is that it’s still very powerful even for a battery-powered one.

It used to be that the battery-powered vacuum cleaners were not as good as the cord ones, but Dyson has changed that. With the runtime of the Dyson V6, you have plenty of vacuuming time for an Apartment. It even stores away nicely.

If you want to go cordless, then look at the Dyson V6 Motorhead as an option. If you want to stay with the cord, then look at the Shark Rocket Powerhead. Both are great options. But I would avoid looking at other battery-powered options now as they don’t have the power that Dyson offers.

If you want the best of both worlds, then consider the Shark Rocket TruePet (Amazon Link Ad). It plugs into the wall but is a similar shape to the Dyson and can be super versatile for cleaning many things too.

Also, consider that when looking at battery vs. cords that batteries do wear out over time. If you don’t want to worry about replacing the battery, then stick with units with power cords.

Pet Hair

I go into great detail here about what vacuum cleaner works the best for pet hair. To sum it all up the best thing to use is a Carpet Rake and a Shop Vacuum. I don’t recommend a shop vacuum for apartment living, but with the combination of a carpet rake and a standard vacuum cleaner, you will be just fine.

The Carpet Rake (Amazon Link Ad) works fantastically at getting pet hair loose from the fibers of the carpets. It’s a must-have if you want to keep the carpet looking good and helps you get your deposit back as it grooms the carpet.

With the use of a carpet rake, you don’t need those fancy “pet hair” vacuum cleaners. Just rake the carpet before you vacuum to loosen the hair, and a regular vacuum cleaner will suck them right up. I would recommend if you can to turn off the rollers before sucking up pet hair to keep it from getting wrapped around the brushes.