Best Hair Vacuum for Salons – Stationary Vacuums

If you have a salon and don’t have a Hair Vacuum or better yet a Stationary Vacuum then you need to really consider one. These salon vacs can make your life a little bit easier when it comes to sweeping up hair and other debris on your floor.

The problem you’ll run into when looking for a hair vacuum is finding one that works best for your beauty salon or barbers shop. We did the research to find what we consider to be the best vacuums for salons.

How they work is quite simple, you sweep the hair and whatever debris on the floor to the machine and it sucks it up. Some have buttons, and some have auto detectors to turn on and sweep away the mess.

The one stationary vacuum that we think is the best has got to be the Eye-Vac EVPRO Professional Touchless Stationary Vacuum Here*.

Why This One?

The Eye-Vac EVPRO is so simple to use. When you sweep the dust or hair near the sensor, it picks it up, or better yet it detects the movement of your incoming broom and turns on to inhale the debris. It’s not too loud, and it looks good too.

How often do you hear someone say a vacuum looks good? Well, Dyson does make an excellent vacuum, but we’re talking about stationary vacuums here.

Also, the great little touches like the dual HEPA filtration, which is wonderful when running a salon business. You don’t want the nasty smelling hair to fill the room after you have vacuumed? Or better yet you don’t want floor dirt to enter back into the air. This is why having a good filtration on the vacuum is important.

Tell Me More…

I’ve noticed that sometimes people have some common questions on this vacuum and others like it. So let’s talk about those things.

How Large Is the Bin?  – It’s quite large if you ask me. It really depends on how much hair you cut and how long that hair is. But you could go a few days before needing to empty it. Or if you’re a crazy neat freak like me you’ll be changing it every day – but that is up to you.

Is It Loud? – It’s not what you expect. You only have the vacuum on for a few seconds, so it’s not annoying like most vacuum cleaners. But I would say it gives off a typical vacuum sound.

Cat Litter? – Since it is a vacuum-style dustpan, I get this question often, and yes it will suck up cat litter. This is nice to know as you’ll get many odd things on your salon floors from people tracking it in.

Power? – You need to plug this into the wall; it is NOT battery powered. The cord is about 6 feet long.

Wet Hair? – Yes! The real question here. You can suck up dry, damp, or even wet hair with this stationary vacuum. This thing can really suck it up no problem.

Sand? – Sand is everywhere when you live at the beach so yes it will suck it up.

Filter Washable? – Yes, the filter is washable with soap and water. Make sure to dry the filter out before inserting it back into the machine.

Groomers and Vets? – Yes, works well for pet hair and all dirt you’ll run into on the floor. This thing is actually good for anyone, even home use. Sweeping is a lot easier with this vacuum.

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