Does Roomba Need Wifi or a Smartphone?

Does a Roomba need wifi? No, robot vacuums don’t need wifi to work. They also don’t need a smartphone, either. How To Use Roomba Without Wifi If you don’t have wifi your robot vacuum will still work. The only thing you’re missing out on is scheduling from the app or remotely controlling the Roomba. To … Read more

Robot Vacuum Can’t Find Base – How to Fix This

A problem you may encounter with your robot vacuum is one that will wander around until its battery finally gives out without making it back home. It can be super annoying when the Roomba even passes it’s home base and still won’t go to it. Here are the things you can do if your robot … Read more

Robot Vacuum Won’t Turn on – How to Fix

If your robot vacuum won’t turn on, then we have some tips for you to try. These tips won’t be hard to do so let’s begin troubleshooting why your robot vacuum won’t turn on. 1. Make Sure Your Robot Vacuum Charging Base Is Fine We’ll start with making sure your robot vacuum or Roomba’s charging … Read more

Best Vacuum for Bird Owners

Birds can get a little messy at times, and I’m shocked by the lack of people talking about the best vacuums for birds online. Not only that but not answering the most common questions like… Can you use a regular vacuum? What is the best robot vacuum for birds? What vacuum is best for birdseed, … Read more

Can a Robot Vacuum Work in the Dark?

Can a robot vacuum work in the dark? It depends. While most robot vacuums can work in complete darkness, there are a few that need light so the camera can see where to go. For the robot vacuums without cameras, some have issues with getting too much light from the Sun and it could confuse … Read more