Can You Vacuum Pine Needles?

Should you clean up Pine Needles with your Vacuum Cleaner? NOPE. If you have a standard upright vacuum cleaner its best to not suck up Pine Needles as it can damage it. Pine Needles can quickly clog up a regular vacuum cleaner if you’re not careful. Sometimes the vacuum can get destroyed, and Santa will … Read more

Does Steam Cleaning and Vacuuming KILL Dust Mites?

Did you know that if you have a dust mite allergy that using a Steam Cleaner and Vacuum Cleaner can help with the dust mite problem? The correct vacuum cleaner contributes to getting rid of the eggs and the food that the dust mites eat, while the steam cleaner kills them with intense heat. In … Read more

How to Steam Clean a Couch and Upholstery

If your couch is looking nasty, then it’s time to give it a good cleaning. You have two options – you can try to use cleaners and scrub it until your face turns blue or you could just steam clean it instead. Steam cleaning doesn’t require any chemicals and is one of the most natural … Read more

Silent Vacuum Cleaner – Why They’re Hard To Find

If you’re like me, you hate loud sounds, especially loud sounds that Vacuum Cleaners make. But did you know that silent vacuum cleaners do exist? Do you want to know the reason why silent vacuum cleaners are so hard to find? It’s because no one wanted them. We’ll… no one in the USA wanted them. Silent … Read more